Specification for operation of tile cutting machine

Home decoration when the ground need to use ceramic tile, the ground used the ceramic tile area is larger, doesn’t fit into new laid, you need to ceramic tile cutting, then can use the product, such as ceramic tile cutting machine to look at the classification of ceramic tile cutting, if is to use cutting machine, need to know the ceramic tile cutting machine operation specification.

A, ceramic tile cutting classification

1. Manual self-testing ceramic tile cutting machine

It is also called manual tile push knife (manual tile knife, manual tile cutting machine, manual tile pulling machine, manual tile push knife), etc. Manual self – testing ceramic tile cutting machine is to eliminate pneumoconiosis of environmental protection machinery! High-grade polished brick, floor tile and other high hardness, with electric cutting opportunity to produce edge collapse. And with manual self-testing ceramic tile cutting machine, precisely the glaze cut, the separation mechanism lever principle of a separation, its incision can be more orderly.

2. Power tools

Use power tools to cut, tile, stone, especially dry cutting, there will be dust. The dust is mainly anhydrous silicic acid, also known as silica. Long-term inhalation of these dust can cause several diseases: lung disease, including chronic bronchitis and pulmonary fibrosis; A skin rash, ulceration, etc in a skin disease; Cancer. Long-term exposure to certain substances at work such as metal particles, dust, chemicals or pesticides increases the risk of cancer.

3. Multifunctional cutting machine for ceramic tile

Ceramic tile multi-function cutting machine is also a simple and practical machine used in ceramic tile processing plant, generally need to support the use of ceramic tile edge grinding machine and ceramic tile cutting machine. With the modern society into the era of science and technology, ceramic tile multifunction has also entered the update, designed a lot of high quality pottery machine. Now the market is generally used for: 800 type multi-functional cutting machine and 1.2 meters multi-functional cutting machine two.

Two, ceramic tile cutting machine operation specifications

1. Do not operate tile cutting machine without training. If you want to operate to get the permission of the custodian, it needs to be completed under the guidance of special personnel.

2. Labor protection should be fully dressed before work, with tight cuffs and skirts. Protective glasses must be worn to avoid eye injury.

3. Check whether all mechanical components (such as saw blades, table tops, screws, chains, motors, switch buttons, etc.) are normal before work. If any problem is found, it should be reported to the maintenance team for repair, and the fault will be clarified to determine that there is no safety problem before opening.

4. Cracked, not smooth, missing teeth and blunt teeth can not be used. When replacing the saw blade, the power supply must be cut off. The blade must be installed firmly, perpendicular to the center line of the shaft, and no beating phenomenon shall be allowed during operation.

5. Check that the protective baffle is complete and effective, and shall not be arbitrarily removed or changed. The movable protective baffle shall not be removed at will.

6. After starting up, run the machine idling for 2-3 minutes to check whether the operation of the saw blade is normal. No matter it is test machine or normal use, people are not allowed to directly face the saw blade when the saw blade is running. At the same time, observe whether the supply of cooling water is normal.

7. The operator shall not leave the work post without permission after the cutting machine is started. Power off is required to leave.

8. When working, the blade for sawing must stop running the blade, and start the blade operation for cutting after the completion of the blade.

9. When cutting, the operator is strictly prohibited to put his hand close to the saw blade or cross his arm over the saw blade, and supervise others to use it at any time.

10. Shutdown and power off should be done after work, and warning signs should be hung.

Post time: Apr-02-2022